{Writing Prompt} I Love Blue

I always love BLUE. Always. I don’t know when do I start it. I think from the very first day I know that there’s a thing called color and there’s a color named Blue. I don’t care whether it’s pale blue or sky blue or navy blue. All I know is that I LOVE all the member of blue clan.


Hmm.. that’s a tough question. Really.. really tough.

I like that blue in the sky since they make me feel so free as if I could fly and reach it. Feel the cloud with my own hand. I wonder how it feels. Is it soft? Is it warm at day, since it’s so near to the sun?

I like that blue in ocean. A unique mixture of blue and green (I think). When ever I see it I come to realization that sometimes you’ll find a surprise in a comfort zone. Just like a sudden wave in a quiet beach.

I blue, the color that somehow represent myself.

Quiet. Calm. Wise. Just like a blue sky on a shiny day.

Mysterious. (look) Strong. Conservative. Just like that navy blue.

Psstt.. you know what, I took a color quiz which I found about from Dominique’s post after I finished drafting this post. Just curious whether I’ll got blue as color which represent me or not. Guess what!?!? I did! my quiz result is BLUE.



So.. what is your color?? Is it Blue??





4 thoughts on “{Writing Prompt} I Love Blue

  1. Fun post to read. Blue is my absolute favorite color. Always has been and always will be. But I was surprised after reading on Personality colors, that I’m not a true blue at all!

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