A Book and Some Yarn

Sooo Happy!!!

I got new treasure for my stash collection. Just like the tittle, I got a book and some yarn. Well I actually got 2 balls of yarn.

It was a gift from my friend when she and her hubby take a short (very short) honeymoon to Singapore last week. Actually she asked me whether I want something different from Singapore -I usually got chocolate or keychain or TShirt- and I said Yes.  I told her that I want something that related to my hobbies  -which is reading and crafting-.

First she’s kinda scream and said “I don’t know where to buy your stuff.” then she finally said ‘just tell me where to buy it and I’ll bought it.’ Since I don’t know where to buy it (never been there before) so I asked my friend who lived there to give a clue.

Long story short… I got these as a gift ^_^

Book, Crocher

Book, Crocher

Nu Treasure

Soooooo Happy!!

Feel like wanna jump all around. Heheheh.

Thanks Emu.. Thanks Ijel ^_^




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