My Random Things

One of the thing that I learn from blogging is that somehow.. I can reveal and open up myself easily through this virtual diary called BLOG.

It’s not that I’m living in a lie -in my real life- but somehow writing in this ‘virtual diary’ without no one who really know me except from my writing seems little bit more deliberating.

So.. here’s 5 random thing about me and my family.

  • Before I joined this company and met these gals, I rarely let myself being pictured -except for my id card or something mandatory from the office-. I never feel good enough or photogenic enough.  But after hanging out with them I change a little bit. They say, being pictured is not always about beauty but it’s about showing that you’re exist. Well..I  just think simple, They are the clan of narcissus.  Lately, I realize that since I tend to have short memory, I need picture help me remember things or occasion.


  • I love rain. Whether it’s light or heavy. Well.. I do sad when last month that heavy rain for few days caused floods to my city but I still love rain and the smell of air after rain.
  • Me and my mommy argued a lot. Even for simplest thing and it happens almost every day. We even questioning ‘what the h*** is wrong with us? can’t we just have a normal talk like others?!’. After reviewing for some time and realizing that we never had any heart feeling after those argument, we just considered that that’s the way we talk. By arguing here and there. Weird right?!
  • When I was a little gal (and that qui serra-serra song just popped out of my head) people said that I’m daddy’s little gal.  Even mom n lil bro got jealous a little bit. And when he decided to go and left us years a go, some part of me, a tiny space of my heart was empty. I feel disappointed. Betrayed. I’m okay now. Well.. at least I think I’m okay.
  • I loooveeee dark chocolate. Even I often got a weird look from my friend about that, I still love Dark Chocolate a lot. Soo Yummy.

And that’s all 5 random things about me (and my family) ^_^

{Writers Workshop} My Simple Things





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