{Writer’s Workshop} Accepting Myself

After missing so many writing prompt, I finally got the chance (and time) to join again. So here I am, try to emptying my head and write it down here.

I choose prompt no. 4. Acceptance. (inspired by Headstrong Damsel)

Ok.. let’s start it.

I’ll turn 31 this year and sometimes.. okay.. most of the time still being bad to myself.  I hesitate myself, questioning myself, and the worst is not accepting myself as the way I am hence I ask or I think the word is DEMAND others to accept me the way I am.

Pretty awful right???

I know in my last post -which inspired by one of mamakat’s writing prompt that I missed-, I said that my word for this 2013 is FOCUS and I still do believe that it was the perfect word for this year.  So let me just say that one of the thing I should focus on is Accepting myself. The whole me. Good or bad, success or fail, happy or unhappy. Accepting every single detail, every little thing about me, myself, and my existence in this place call earth.  As GOD would never create me if I don’t mean anything to HIM.

{Writers Workshop} My Simple Things




8 thoughts on “{Writer’s Workshop} Accepting Myself

  1. I am told I’ve never met a stranger. I accept just about everyone around me. The hard work is being so open and accepting of myself. Great post & a topic that I know a lot of us struggle with.

  2. I spent most of my life so far trying to be “like everyone else” or “normal”. My road to tru acceptance came when I was in therapy and I was telling her about all of the faults I had that I felt I need to work on, or that other people had told me I needed to change. She stopped me and said that 90% of the things I listed were things that even if I spent the rest of my life putting in maximum effort, they would barely change if at all. She said that some things are just ingrained and there is nothing you can do about it. So rather than putting in enormous effort for minimal change, she suggested I change my focus (to reference your previous post) to the things I can change and accepting the rest.

    Incredibly liberating 🙂 I hope your jouney goes more smoothly than mine.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s an eye opening for me. I think deep down I know that something can’t be change but still.. there’s a part of me who’s in denial mode *sigh* and feel that somehow that I can change it.

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