{Writer’s Workshop} FOCUS

I know it was already late for posting this but I’m still gonna post it anyway. It’s one of writing prompt from MAMAKAT. Promt number 1:

1.) Instead of a resolution, some people choose a theme word to live by for the year. Choose a word for 2013 and tell us why you chose it. ( I like how Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode had hers come full circle this year.)

Just about when I have no idea about my resolution in this 2013, I found this prompt from MAMAKAT’s blog. It’s about choosing a words to lived by for the whole year instead of having several resolutions which most of the time… failed in execution. Well at least I do that. Failed to full fill my own resolution.

I just knew that this (new) concept of a word for a whole year will be suit for an inconsistent person like me. Yeah.. I admitted. I always got fascinated in ‘inspirational’ or  ‘new’ stuff but somehow I never really finished it. I just lost in the middle of the way.

I do really hope this one word concept will work out very well for me.

This year, I choose FOCUS as my word.


Don’t ask me to explain why I choose this word. I just feel that this year, I need to start FOCUS. Last year, I already tried several things. I still do some of them but my mood swing always distract me in a way.

I know.. this mood swing can be so annoying sometimes but still have no idea how to handle it. Arghh!! It’s killing me sometimes >.<

And hopefully… my magic word of 2013 can help me. At least remind me on what should I do for the whole year.

{Writer's Workshop} 10 Tips for Myself


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