1st Wedding in 2013

Last Saturday I went to my good friend’s wedding at Bukit Randu Restaurant near to Soekarno Hatta Airport. Finally, after almost twelve year in relationship, they finally take the ‘BIG Step’. To get married.

I’m soooo HAPPY for them.

But yet… it’s kinda a disaster for me. I mean, I desperately want to attend -not just the party- but also the akad. It held on 10am in the morning while I have to go office 1st coz we (me and some of gals from work) promised to met there -since the bride used to be our colleague- and I can’t find some one who can do my make up. So I totally do it myself. And that’s when the disaster appears.

I did ok with the foundation, with the eye shadow and blush on. But totally messed up with the eyeliner and eyebrow. Totally messed up. Aaarrggghh!! And one more thing. This time, I really don’t know what to do with my head scarf.  I never like this before. I usually know what kind of style I want for my head scarf. Hiks….hiks…

with the happy couple

Anyway… even there’s some delay and some chaos here and there, but over all… the wedding was nice.





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