New Project

Have you ever imagine that you’ll be part to something big and fascinating? Well not me. I never imagine that. Ever. But yet.. at this moment, I’m a part of this the year long photo project on the I AM MORE blog.

A few month ago, Megan (the owner and the creator of this blog) announced on fb that she’s looking for some ladies who wanna join her in her new project. I don’t know what the project will be, but yet I decided to join. I just know that she’s so talented and I love her blog a lot. Plus.. I’ve joined two of her photo project last year.

Weeks passed by since I mailed her and still no answer. So kinda forget about it. Then out of the sudden on Oct 4, I’ve got mail from her, telling me that I’ve been selected to be part of her year along photo project. Gosh!! I totally surprised, shocked, excited, scared all mixed up.  I do mailed her.. but yet never imagine that I really gonna be part of it.

And finally.. we’ll start our project on Oct 21st.

7 woman, 6 country, 1 daily photo.. snap. share. connect


Please stop by and see us, through our daily snapshot. Who knows.. maybe we’ll see that somehow we have something in common even though we’re worlds apart.


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