Just Give it a Try ;)

Today I wanna share something that’s new for me. Totally new and I never done it before. Not in my entire life.

So, a friend of mine… asked me to join this money maker site called JustBeenPaid months a go. But like any other skeptical person, I always said ‘no thanks’. Although I have to admitted that I kinda interested. But yet.. my skeptical was much bigger than my interest feelings. So.. NO.. is always my answer for him.

About a week ago..  on a boring day I ever had at my office, I started surfing on net about this site which now changed into ProfitClicking. Turned out that there’re so many good story about the old site which off course make a good impact too to the new one.

I red most of the site I found and finally…. I decided to joined. Well mostly because I have nothing to loose. I mean, as soon as I joined, they give me $10 to start, so I don’t have to spent money at all. And from that 10 bucks, I’ll earn 150% of my investment (after 81 day). Not so bad at all, right??!!

They very next day… I got 1 referral. And guess what?? ProfitClicking send me $1 to my account for that.  Gosh!! I never think of that. That… urge me to make one hard decision.  I decided to give it a try! I spent 10 bucks to buy an ad packages (through Liberty Reserve). With lots of pray.. hopefully I don’t make any bad decision or I’ll loose my 10 bucks (well.. I might considered I lost that money 😦 ). And today.. on Sept 17 (I opened that acc. on Sep 12), I have 2 referrals and $2.90 on my ProfitClicking Acc. which I can withdraw after 81 days.

Not so bad at all.

Totally not so bad at all. I mean.. sometimes we just spent 10 bucks for nothing. Nothing that can give us the opportunity to have a better income, right?!

So why don’t we give it a try?!

Besides.. if u’re not a risk taker (like me), at least they gave you that $10 so don’t have to loose not even a dime 😉


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