Around my Life


Long time no see. How ya doin friends??? Good I hope. Well my life is quite GREAT. Got a new project manager, got a new friend at work {replacing Resthy whose resigning from work :((}.
While my family??

I lost a cousin šŸ˜¦ because of an accident on road. I never close to him. In fact I never closed to any other cousin. Maybe because the distance between us. I mean.. most of us lived in different city. Maybe because we’re so busy with our own life. Or maybe… its kinda mixture of those reason. I don’t know for sure.
But yet.. one thing I know.. every thing happened for a reason.

Like my cousin’s death.

He’s death bring us into some kind of family gathering (also not all of us was there). We went to his home.. memorizing him through his pictures in the living room, through the face of his daughter Shalfa, through the stories which told by his family and friends. I know how much he loved, through the way my niece, Ziezie who always searching for him in every crowd that day.

Those…. are like a piece of puzzle which collected and finally give me a complete picture of him. RENDY RAFENSZKI, my dearest cousin. Whom I barely know.

I burst into tears when his friends played the video of him and his band (his friend held a music performance for him, titled ‘IN MEMORIAM RENDY RAFENSZKI’).

I cried for those years that flies away.

I cried for my aunt n uncle.

I cried for myself. Such ashamed.. we share the same blood from our father side, but yet I barely know him.

I cried.. and cried.. on the corner of that rattan sofa, in the dark night of Cirebon city.


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