Welcome to The World

After waiting for over a night at midwife clinic, with great pain and high level of nervous feelings of all family,  he finally born. A healthy 3,8 kg baby boy named


He’s not mine. He’s my best friend’s 1st nephew, 1st grand son for her family (so now you know why everybody feel nervous).

My BFF text me, telling me that her nephew finally arrived to this world safely.  Although her sister got bleeding, but thanks ALLAH, all is good now.

So let me introduce you to baby JUNA

New Nana with her 1st Grand 🙂

Isn’t he cute??

But something strange happened to me last night, as I text-ing with Rika through BBM. It’s just a normal conversation, actually. She told me about her new nephew, about her sister. And before we end it, I wrote..

‘Kiss Kiss to baby Juna’

Rika’s reply…

‘Ok aunty Amanda, I’ll send him your kiss’

Guess what?? I feel old 😦

It’s kinda strange. I mean, some of my colleagues at the office had kids, and they call me aunty too and I feel ok. But why I feel old last night????

Why.. oh why…??

Could someone tell me why??


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