(Our) ME Time

Last Wednesday, me and my best friend Rika, agreed to take a day off from work to have some time together. Well, I actually skip from work, coz my boss is still on her medication at Boston and no one can sign my paper.

So.. the plan is to visit some museum around Jakarta, just like we used to do when we’re in vocational high school.


A gal is a gal. On the very last day before the day, we decided to indulge our-self and that means having some body treatment :D.

Sari Salon.. here we coomeee!!

We arrived around 9.30 and become their 1st guest for LULUR or body massage. Yup!! We choose to have a body massage. I choose green tea with herb while Rika prefer Coffee with herb.  So let the fun begin 😉

I forgot to take a pic of that beauty salon which located at Tebet. But I just googling it and found this pic at foursquares.

Wooden Bed with Batik Bedsheet

Starting with body steamed, massage, then take a warm-cold shower and end it with a cup of Wedang Jahe (Indonesian Ginger Ale?).  What a life!!

Is it enough??


Coz we decided to have a foot reflection.  Starting it with washing our feet then put ‘param’ on the right foot while the left one being massage (vice versa). And we fall asleep during that session :D.

Ok. Our Body treatment was done. Next destination is….


Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta Pusat.

Musium Gajah

Here are some of pic of that museum (except for that one above).

As we walked from the parking lot

National Museum

Walking to museum


From the entrance, if we go straight, we will find a curtyard of arca. You know.. statue and relief from temple. I forgot to take a pic, since we’re busy reading the notification of what God or Goddes it was. But I find this pic 2 (of the courtyard) from wikipedia.

From the East Side

There were lots of arca and statues with different size. You’ll find Big Statue of Adityawarman, inscription from Singosari Kingdom Era, Statue of Siva, Ganesha, and many more.

As we walked, we found a wooden door and so we entered the room. It was so quite since there’s not much visitors.

Walking side by side, from a room to another with camera on my hand (but totally forgot to use it). Silly, isn’it???

So.. we arrived in a room which connected to another room. In left and right side of the entrance, stands a Sigale-gale -wooden statue- (pic.from wikipedia).  Looks bit creepy actually, but I’m ok with it.


But Rika.. as soon as she saw Sigale-gale. She totally lost her mood.

She keep accompany me, walking around the room but I can see it from her face that she’s not comfortable at all.  So I decided to end the trip. She feels bad to me,  I know that. But she also can’t handle the uncomfortable feelings. Hmm.. I never imagine that a statue can totally change your mood.

Anyway.. on the way out, I try to take some pic.

Some traditional houses from Indonesia

Ceramics from Ming Era

Ceramics from Vietnam

Traditional Music Instrument

Notification in Bronze Room

Bronze Room

Ancient Tomb

Map of Indonesia and its Tribe

So.. the Museum Trip officially ends here. We canceled our plan to visit National Monument and go straight to find some food. It’s kinda late for lunch but way to early for dinner.

Over all… I do enjoy this trip. Its really fun. Some how, I feel like teenager again. Well.. I’m not that old. But this trip really brighten my day. I get more strenght to face tomorrow 😉

By the way.. we end it with got to movie and watch  Cinderella and the Huntman.

Hmmm.. hope that We can have another ‘ME TIME’.


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