{Crafting} 1st Project in June

I finally finished one of my crochet project on this 1st week of June. Well, actually, I started from May, but finished it last Friday and its June already.

Don’t think of BIG project please! Coz you might get disappointing. It was only a simple Slouchy Hat. Totally simple! I’m only using sc and dc. But for me it’s a new thing. 1st .. I never crocheted any slouchy before. 2nd.. I never crocheting hat from the bottom. And I found it little bit hard. I feel like my stitches is always twisting around >.< and 3rd… this slouchy hat was an order from a friend. So I kinda nervous.

But thanks GOD I could finish it. Off course with so many help from my friend through ‘PING’ing her Blackberry. Thanks a lot Sis Aning!!

And now…. let me introduce you to my 1st Slouchy Hat. Taraaaa!!!

Not bad naa?!?!

Ahhh!! I feel so relieve!!

Alhamdulillah.. Thanks GOD.


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