Bye Bye May

May finally reach to its end. The world seems to love May so very much, so it started to rain almost all day 😉

So many things happened this month.Starting with my 30th B’day on 3rd of May. Yeah!! I’m getting old. But hey!! They said that life’s begins at 40. So I’m still very..very.. young 😉



I got surprise from boss and my friends at the office. They surprise me with cheese cake, and we cheered each other with juice. Not a very fancy b’day, but it’s quite fun. Especially coz I accidentally made them waiting for me almost all day 😀

Sorry guys!!


May also connected me to my previous colleagues. We spend some time for dinner and planned to see each other again 😉

ImageYes!! All those moments are so fun.

I also spent some time with my BFF. Gosh!! after so long, we can see and have some quality time again. We spent it with dinner at ROPPAN. Enjoying its delicious ice cream which were placed in square bread. 3 scoop of ice cream. Vanilla, Red Bean n Green Tea. Gosh!! They’re soo delicious!! Too bad I didn’t take any pic. But I promise you!! I will take a pic when I eat there again 😉

We spent the night until the mall was closed :D. Oh yeah!! we often doin that :-p

Hmm.. other than those fun moments, I also got my disappointing time, along with some stupidity which I regret.

I lost an interview session because when the company called, I was at my client’s so I didn’t give much attention and the moment he mentioned the place, there’s an alarm in my head saying that the office was too far from my house. After few days, I found out that it was a big n good company :(. Hiks.

But yesterday.. I got another call from a company. Well.. not really a company, it was a hospital . I met with their HR, got interviewed and she asked me to come back on Friday. Seemed like a good sign. Hope I could make it this time.

Hmm.. So many things happened. Good, not to good ( I don’t wanna use ‘bad’ word), happy, not to happy. But over all.. I couldn’t ask for more. GOD already blessed me with so many thing. So now.. all I have to do is to be grateful.

So… bye-bye My Marvelous May!!

We had so much fun for 31 days and now its time to say good bye. We’ll see each other again next year. Hopefully with better moments 😉


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