{Finale} 3 Little Angels Goes to RSCM

We already passed 2011 and yet I still owe you guys final story of 3 Litlle Angels 1st Action. Christmas Magic for Kids (at RSCM Hospital). Before I continue allow me to thanked all of you who’s been participating in this event. You with all your support and donation had helped us in so many ways. So thank you.. for the bottom of my heart.

The event went well. We were devided into 2 teams who start on the same time, at 10am. 1st team went to Kid’s Ward. It was a small team, as requested by the hospital. While the other team who went to psychiatry ward had bigger number of people but still with the same rule of not taking picture except for people who’s incharge for documenting the event. So all the picture I shared in this post is official picture from 3 Little Angel Fan Page on Facebook.

Have you ever felt that you wanna help other that you think have less than you but at the end, you felt the opposite? I mean you want to help other coz you think you can make them happy but at the end.. you’re the one who felt happy. I did. Almost every time I help others. So I think when we help other, on that same time we had helped ourself.

I better stop talking now and let you see some picture from that event.



Goodie Bag

Abu Marlo, the Magician

Singing and Dancing

Our Musician

Full Music

Can he escaped??

All Done

What a day!! We (I) had so much fun that day. Can’t hardly wait to our next event. By the way… for much better and complete report, just visit>>> http://www.newsilly.com/2012/01/02/christmas-magic-for-kids

Cheers ^__^


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