Remember my previous post about 3LittleAngels movement?? Well… I got some update news about it.

So far we already gathered around …

Donation 19 Dec 2011

Donation for 3LittleAngels

from selling E-book (about how to make Wire Jewelery created by one of 3littleangels member), and from some donors (participants) who already transferred some money to our bank account.

More than twenty six million Rupiah seemed a lot, right? But remember friends, there are around 85 kids in RSCM who really needs help on their medication. Most of them are having severe illness such as cancer. So we need more and more money to help them with their medication.

X’mas is about gifting to others right? Please correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m not celebrating it. So we have plan to give a goodie bag to each one of the kid. To bad we can’t give cookies or candy because their doctor don’t allow us to. Then we change it with some of their daily needs such as sock, towel and soap. FYI those goodie bag is our personal project. That means, we (member of 3littleangels) prepared it without using money from donation. Not even a penny. All comes from our own piggy bank ^_~

Last but not least, I got news (from our mailing list) that we also gonna visit psychiatry wards. Hmm… hope we can share little bit of happiness to them too.



{Update} 3Little Angels Goes To RSCM

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