{WIP} Pine Shawl

I started this project about a week a ago and only doing it after work. This time I made it using Indonesian Cotton which I bought from BenangRajutQ

This was the 1st time I bought yarns from them. While the pattern, I got it from a Japanese book.



The actual color is Pale green. But since I took a pic using my BB (during night) so it look not so green at all. Just blame it on my BB camera ^_~

The problem is… I run out of yarn. I only got 1, but yet I insist to crochet this shawl. And now.. I had to stop it coz no more yarn!

Shawl Pine (WIP)

Shawl Pine (WIP)

Hmmm… looks like I found my reason to buy new yarn ^_~

Happy Crafting Friends.. ^__^


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