Fantastic 5

Its been quite a while since my last post on MamaKat Writing Prompts. So today I spare some time to do it. Coz I missed it anyway.

I choose No. 2. It sound easy, just write down 5 thing which I do and don’t know. But is it really that easy??

Well.. lets found out ^__~

Five things you don’t know about me

1. I got Insomnia. I slept so late almost every day. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all and when morning comes, I just take a shower and prepare for work.

2. I have a complicated family. My parents were separated but they haven’t divorce legally. Still don’t know how the end will be like. Just wait and see, I guess.

3. I often felt outcast. Whether among my friends or my work. Maybe its my own fault since I have my own problem in socializing with others. Is there anyone who had this in them?

4. I worried a lot. My life, my work, my parents, my future and more and more. Yeah. I wish I could stop it. But I can’t. Still can’t. I’m wishing a day when I’m free from those thought.

5. I love crafting and dreaming about my own craft shop.

Five things I am knowledgeable about

1. I know how to survive. So far, I’ve been through lots of storm in my life. Death, illness, broken heart, etc. And yet, I still stay sane ^__~

2. I know that Pride and Prejudice is my fav. classic novel. And my fav. actor who roles Mr. Darcy is Matthew Macfadyen.

3. I know that I love rain and rainbow. I love it and will always do.

4. I know well how to shop :D. Just give some money and I know what exactly what I want and where to find it ^_~

5. When ever I go to a new city, 1st place I wanna see and visit is their traditional market. I don’t care if it was ugly or tarnish. I just enjoy watching how people mingle. Plus, sometimes I got chance to taste traditional food.

Five things I know nothing about

1. I no nothing about accounting. Not like my mom who’s majoring in accounting when she’s in college and on the contrary, I don’t like it.

2. I no nothing about map. Yes!! I don’t know how to read map. Even worst! I don’t know how to memorize roads. So if you go to a new place with me, you better bring ur own gps šŸ˜€

3. Sport. I don’t know at all about it. I don’t know how many points you should have to win a tennis match or why do a player got a yellow card.

4. I know nothing about car and how to drive it. No, not because I don’t have it right now. I mean there she is, my colleague at work who don’t own a car but yet she knows a lot about it. About the brand, the type, and so on. For me, I all I know is that my dad own a Volkswagen. Period.

5. I know nothing about plant and gardening, not like my late grandma. She’s always good with plants.

Five things I believe

1. I believe in Allah the Almighty and someday, I will finally meet HIM.

2. I believe that someday I will find my man. The one who will complete my life. Not because he’s perfect, but because his imperfection makes me perfect.

3. I believe that eventually, my parents will solve whatever the problem they have today.

4. I believe that communication is the key for everything.

5. I believe that I have perfect live even on a worst day ever.

Gosh! It wasn’t easy at all but I like it anyway. Makes me think a lot and deep down in to my heart.

Mamakat Writing Prompt

Mamakat Writing Prompt


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