My Nexian

I never thought I will have you.
I never like you nor hate you.
I just never imagine you.
But you are here now.
Replacing my previous friend which I lost days ago.
Oh well…looks like I have to try to like now.
Coz we’ll be together for sometime.
You and I, my Nexian


4 thoughts on “My Nexian

  1. It’s the little things, isn’t it? I don’t normally care about what phone I have so long as it can send/receive messages and calls. And then they stopped making good varieties of “stupid phones” (anything NOT a smart phone) as my Husband refers to them as. I got an iPhone less than a month ago, and I hate to admit how much I’m smitten with it.

    • Yeah. In the past I don’t care about phone as long I can use it for send/receive messages and calls.

      But since I know that I can blogging from a phone, then I start to paying attention on it. Now.. I just try to save so I can buy a ‘not stupid phone’ again.

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