Welcoming November

It’s been quite a while since my last post here. So now you can see how lazy I was in blogging?!?!?

Hmm… its November now. 1st day of November 2011. I started this day with got up late this morning. But yet, I let myself enjoy that moment. I mean, I didn’t rush myself, even I know I already late for my train and that mean I will late for work.

No.. no rushing myself today. Instead of that, I take a bath, having b’fast with the speed as fast as usual, like when I was on time. Then.. I just take a walk to reach my bus to train station.

It’s been quite a long since I take a walk like that. You see.. when I walked alone, I tend to do something unusual. I made conversation with GOD. Go ahead.. laugh at me. That’s ok. Coz I realize that what I did is bit unusual. Even for me ;).

Walking along that road, I just talking about everything. About how grateful I am, having this bright sunny day. Or sometimes, when I saw a couple, I asked GOD, ‘When I shall found my soulmate?’. While on the other time when I see a beggar, I asked GOD to fulfill his need.

And yes, HE’s not always answer me. I mean, not directly coz I’m sure I’ll be faint is HE answer me like when GOD answer to Mr. Neale on CONVERSATION with GOD (movie I saw years ago).

When I think again..
I think I don’t always need answer. I just need to feel close to my GOD, to ALLAH the ALMIGHTY. And sometimes pray just aint enough.

Anyway… Welcome Back November…
Hope this whole month will be as sweet as SWEET November


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