Blog. Another Way to Heal

Do you write a diary or a journal?? Yes, that notebook which keep all your feelings and thoughts and even your darkest secret.
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Well I do. Even I never really finish it to the very last page. I just write several times and then forgot to do it and finally, new year comes. Then I just bought another notebook and do that cycle again. Shame on me.
Now, I have a journal which I called blog. I’m sure you all know it and there’s a big chance that you have it to. It’s digital era now. Although I also sure that some of you (us) still have that notebook (maybe with lock).
Back to my blog. I have several blog on blogger. Yeah.. I know. You wanna say that I’m bit greedy right?? Just wait till you hear this one. I also got one from wordpress >.<. For your information, each one of them (I mean the blog) represent a topic. One for my daily, one for my crafting, and one for my book collection. While the wordpress one, its for all of them (I just try it few month). And it was Ok.
In general, I can say that I LOVE Blogging. Its not only for the sake of my sanity. I mean, if I can’t throw whats in my mind into something or someplace, I’m pretty sure that I will end up in mental hospital. But this blog thing also give me chances enter someone else’s life without interfering them. I also got a chance to learn and adding some knowledge just from visiting and read their blog.
I even have my own blog list. List of blog that inspires me for all these years. Those blog heal some of my wound with its own way. Give me some new perspective of life. And make me a better person with its own way.

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