Last Day at Work

Last day @ Work!!
Coz from tomorrow until 4th of September, our office is closed due to Lebaran (EID) day. So.. bye-bye paper work, report and binder. Welcome freedom. Although my activities during holiday is finishing my baby set order (After visiting family and friends off course). Not much of fun right?!

But still.. I’m glad I can have this holiday. Even sometimes I envy to my friends who’s Mudik every Lebaran. Mudik is tradition to go to our home town and gathered with family. Especially for those who work in different city. Although from what I heard, mudik is quite challenging. Imagine the massive people who had the same plan with you. Going home. What will happen next difficulty in finding ticket (whether plane, ship or even bus), then buying gift, packing, etc. And when to travel with car or bus, imagine that long trip since there will be travel jam every where. But all of that tiring trip are worth a lot since you’ll meet your family and ask for apologize from them (especially your parents).

That’s the essence of mudik on Lebaran day right?!

To be with your family, closing old chapter of your book of life and start a new one. With new positive heart and positive mind.


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