Yay! No More School

Give me a second to remember my school day. It’s been years a go since I wore those white-red, white-blue and white-grey uniform. 3 different skirt color for 3 different stage (elementary, junior high and high).

Yes. Here in Indonesia we wear uniform. Hmmm.. so I think NO MORE UNIFORM will be my 1st reason. What’s next?? Oke. Let’s think again.

Aha!! NO MORE MATH and PHYSICS. Those 2 subject are scary to me. I never hated them, but seem that they hated me. Although no one ever call me stupid in school, but still those 2 subject makes me feel that way. Thanks GOD, people (parents) now had open their mind (and heart) and not judging kid’s intelligence only based on how good their kids in math.

NO MORE SKIRT. See.. I’m not a boyish gal at all. But still.. I don’t really like skirt. So can you imagine how I feel when I had to wear skirt every day for years?!?!

NO MORE SPORT. Okay.. I admitted. I’m no sport addict. Although I don’t hate it either. But during school, somehow my sport teacher LOVES to see us running in the middle of hot day.

NO MORE EXAM especially ‘surprise’ exam. I love my country with its epic story of our heroes in the past. But the problem is I have difficulty in memorizing date, time, places, things like that. And I HATE memorizing math or physics’s formula.

NO MORE BORING TIME in class with boring teacher and boring subject. Yippi!

What else?? What else???

NO MORE UNIFORM CHECKING. Can you imagine that? Every morning before class, we have teachers whose stand by for checking us from head to toe. Don’t try to wear other than black shoes with plain white sock or you will end up with barefoot for a whole day.

NO MORE ARGUING with bus driver who don’t want us in their bus just because we student pay less than other people. Sounds cruel right?! But that’s life. During high school, my house is far from school and there’s no school bus around so I have to use public transportation. And some of drivers use to abandon us just because we pay less.

NO MORE JUM’AT BERSIH (Clean Friday). Okay. I bet most of you don’t know what is Jum’at Bersih. Jum’at=Friday, Bersih=Clean. So it means that every friday morning, we gathered around with broom, duster, mop and other cleaning equipment in our hand and start to clean the entire school. It was dirty, wet and tiring.

Last but not least…. I don’t have to wake up so damn early in the morning. I remember begging to my grandma for another 5 minute every time she try to wakes me up. 5 became 10 then 15. Finally she freaks out and start to pinch my nose.

And I’m FREE from that now. Well.. except for early wake up. But at least not as early as my school days.

Have a nice day friends.



7 thoughts on “Yay! No More School

  1. I like your post – you made me smile… and gave me a little peek into school life in a different place.
    I am in new ZEaland and we wore uniform too – though not in primary (junior) school;
    I chose the same topic as you… so I enjoyed reading your story 🙂

    {coming from Mama Kat’s Workshop; mine is number 10= “Glad”}

  2. Your school experiences were definitely different from mine. I can totally see why you were glad to be done with it! I was glad to move on, also. I just wanted to move out on my own & go to college.

    Although, I think having the students clean the school would be a nice addition in the US.

    visiting from Mama Kat’s

  3. You had to clean your own school? Wow. I don’t think I’ll ever complain about my school days again! Well, maybe about the exams because I’m right there with you on that one! I’m awful at memorizing facts- even if I love the subject!

    (Visiting from Mama Kat’s- loved the post!)

  4. You had to CLEAN the school every Friday? Hello, now that is a way to save on janitors! They should implement that at North American schools, they are always whining about budgets being cut 😉

    Visiting from Mama Kat

  5. @ Simone: Here, most of the school are in uniform (from kindergarten to high school).

    @ Dana K: Yes. Glad I’ve done it. Although I love school actually.

    @ Betsy: Yup. On Friday we had to clean our own classes. Then gathered to clean up our yard.

    @ Carrie: Maybe you should try it 😉

    @ Stacey: Glad I can make you happy 😉

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