Pashmina Bergaya

I didn’t do lot of crocheting this month. I mean, it’s Ramadhan and I prefer to use it well (reciting Holy Qur’an, fasting and other worship)
But I can finally have time to crocheted Pashmina (shawl??)

Got the pattern from Rajutan Cantik (3rd book of Thata Pang). Actually, I already got the pattern way before this book was published. But yet, never succeed. Finally, I made this during our Independence holiday (August 17). I’m using Thalenta Softy Cotton (Purple) and Thalenta ICT (pink bit purple) with clover hook 3.25. Really love the result but to bad, this pashmina was to small for cubby me ;). I think I’m gonna try it with bigger yarn n hook.

Pashmina Bergaya

Pashmina Bergaya

Hmm.. Still don’t know what I’m gonna do with it. Maybe just keep it until my next bazaar ^__^


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