My New Buddy

It finally arrived.
New member of my notebook aka. diary family.

I ordered it from mba Tarlen @vitarlenology . My own notebook. Simple notebook with blue leather cover. I asked Mba Tarlen if it’s possible to add quote on it. And she said yes. Its a quote which I found in Paulo Coelho’s book (The Alchemist).
It’s the possibility of having dream come true
that makes life interesting.
pic from sis Tarlen’s blog
You know what.. I adore Mba Tarlen, She’s one of creative woman I ever know. Just take a look how she packed my note book. She can make good things from unused stuff.
The Package. Wrapped with unused paper
Surprise!! She made a goodie bag for my notebook

On my messy desk

Million thanks Mba Tarlen.

Hopefully I can write things down till the last paper ^__~


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