Meeting @ Bandung Office

Yesterday my division went to Bandung (West Java) for weekly meeting. Usually, we had lunch together @ the office (or some restaurant near by). But yesterday.. we had lunch before we arrived there (coz we’re late).
We try a new Sundanese Restaurant (introduced by Resthy). It called ‘Ibu Imas’ which located @ M. Thoha street. The place was so crowded. We even had to wait a while before we finally got a seat.
Here.. you have to choose food that you want (it’s in front of you). They have fried fish, friend chicken, tofu, pepes (fish, mushroom, etc). You can find grilled chicken too.
Other than that, what famous is ‘sambal Dadak’. It so hot and spicy.
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The famous sambal Dadak (the right one
Meeting’s done (with lot of laughing :D) so we decided to go to Soes Merdeka to buy something for our family (it’s a cake shop). Laughing till our stomach hurts, teasing each other, those wont be complete without posing and being Narcissus of the day.

So here we are, posing in front of Soes Merdeka ^__^

Rina, Dina, Eva, Efi, Resthy n Me (Pak Erizon’s took this pic)

Right before we enter free way (that will bring us to Jakarta), we stopped by at Warung Indomie on the side of street. I ordered fried mie (noodle) with beef corned and scrambled egg. Accompanied by Wedang Jahe (Ginger).


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