Before I Met Internet

I’m really not in the mood today. So I just stop working for a while and start wandering around looking at old writing prompts on Mama Kat’s Blog.  And finally decided to work on this prompt ‘What did you do before we had the internet?’
I wanna write about it since for this past few weeks there’s no internet connection at home. We just moved and still busy with unpacking. So no chatting or browsing or gaming or blogging during the night and weekend. And its more like bye bye internet -for a while I hope-.
How funny that technology called internet could change my life. I mean.. I remember that I used to write a letter to my friend, or sending cards to my relative. And now after internet was born, I use ym to talk to my best friend, sending virtual cards on Eid for my relatives. I know it’s quicker, cheaper, but yet sometimes I feel that there’s personal touch in it. 
Looking for new job?? Well I don’t have to buy Saturday and Sunday  newspaper which full of job advertisement. Now I just click here and there and voila… lots of job ads appear.  Just sign in into this job ads site and every time I found interesting job, with just simple click, they can have my CV  in very very short time. No more paper, no more sending by airmail.
But for me one thing never change. I prefer reading a real book  made of paper, which -sometimes-  had the same weight with newborn baby 😀 instead of e-book. I enjoy put it on my bag every where I go, reading it anywhere, every time I got a chance. Bus station, platform, just anywhere. Pstt.. sometimes I read on bathroom to >.<

3 thoughts on “Before I Met Internet

  1. Yeah I think internet change everyone's life and culture. It makes us easy seeing and touching the world but it also makes us just sitting here for hours. :pI also like reading a book in papers than in E-book. we can read it in many places with many styles. hahaha

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