Coffee?!? Bring it on !!

I can’t remember the exact time I started to drink coffee. But I do believe that I got that habit from my Eyang (Nana) and my Dad. Both of them are coffee freak. My Nana is an active person. Very active. But if she didn’t drink coffee in the morning like she used to on her daily basis, that means she’s not feeling well. 
Anyway.. I drink coffee because……
1. Like I said above.. My Nana n My Dad introduce me to coffee.
2. I like how if smells while its brewing. I even bought coffee flavor for my burner. 
3. It helps me through the day. Honestly with a fussy Mrs. Boss like mine, you’ll need coffee a lot.
4. I like coffee. I even love coffee. But for black coffee, I prefer local coffee  (like this one) better than instant coffee like Nescafe. But I do like nescafe WITH creamer or milk.
5. I like to go to traditional market, buy coffee bean and asked them to milled it. Loveeee the smell.
6. Somehow.. I like to hold that warm cup while watching rain. 
7. Definitely Love the taste. 
8. Hot or cold, Black or with creamer, they all taste yummi.
9. Loyal companion through the night when my college task piling :D, when I had a bad day, when I need ‘me’ time.
10. Oh well.. lets just say that I’m addicted to it. 
Mama's Losin' It

6 thoughts on “Coffee?!? Bring it on !!

  1. Good for you… You made a wonderful effort to share you joy of drinking coffee. I like tea and drink coffee occasionally :-)Stopping by from Mamakat's Workshop.Have a great weekend!Elizabeth

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