Day of Nostalgia.

Hi all!!
Hows ur weekend??
My weekend was quite fun.
Spent all day cleaning my room, cluttering some stuff and you know what?!?!? I found my old diary. It’s belong to year 2001. I just finished high school.. still don’t know where to go, so i took a year of secretary course. There I met my friend Nur, Kiki, Lia, Restu, Evi and Lissa. Too bad only 3 of us who’s still in keep in touch. Nur is mom of 1 cute boy -Fayyaz-, Kiki just got divorced :(, and me.. well.. i think you know me from all Meme i’ve joined.

And you know the funny thing.. not long after I found that diary.. I got notification from FB. Turned out that one of my friend tagged me a pic. It was pic from our kindergarten!!
Gosh!!! So it’s like nostalgia day for me.
Looking at this pic reminds me of the past where all I know is only playing and studying. There’s no problems at all. The big problem I ever had at that moment is just my Nana angry at me if choose playing instead of taking nap.  So yesterday.. we made comment on my friend’s FB while we try to remember each one of us. 
Ahhh.. I missed those happy moments.



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