If I Could..

stop time for 24 hour, I will search for a big tree and just lay down watching the sky and feel the air. Let the sun shine over me, feels the wind.
I might sound silly, but with all the chaotic things in my life, from office work, bad romance, financial issues, and many other. I never really had a moment for my self. No, in fact I feel like I never really absob everything. One problem solved, then another problems came up.
So if could stop time for 24 hours.. i just wanna do and think nothing.

Mama's Losin' It


7 thoughts on “If I Could..

  1. I agree with you on taking the time to just enjoy everything that you take for granted while running a naturally chaotic life. Stopping to smell the roses kind of thing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. me too! If time could really stop just for awhile, I would think nothing, just enjoy the tranquility of life. That must make us calm down. And may be we would be more ready to confront all things. 🙂

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