Vampires Suck: Really Suck!!

I made a bad movie choice last friday.
Here’s the story…
Last Friday I was not in the mood for going home on time and so with my colleague Resthy. So we decided to hang out a bit and wait for break-fasting time. After chit-chating, we decided to 21 cineplex. When we browsed on and saw the schedule, this Vampires Suck got the most suitable timing for us. So we decided to see this one. Our expectation that this movie will be funny.  I mean it’s a parody..and parody should be funny. Right?!?
So.. we’re about 10 min late for the movie. Not so many people in the studio. And honestly… I really regret it just few minutes after I took a seat. *sigh*
So not funny at all and so damn boring. What they’ve done is simply steal the plot of Twilight and condense it. Something are so doesn’t make sense (even Twilight is just fiction). I mean.. so unbelievable that u got baby and bowling ball in your small backpack which look so light. Or a hungry vampire who likes cheetos or big mac. Hello!! Vampire drinks blood.

Arghhh!!!! Really regret spending about 2 bucks just for watching Vampires Suck!!


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