Souvenir Project

For this past month, I got this special project which I called : Souvenir Project. And if you’re asking what the hell is that?!?!? Well.. few months a go I got this idea to make small thing such as keychain or cell pouch from my left over yarn and planned to make lots and lots of them. 

Why??? Hmm.. the Big Idea was preparing souvenirs for my best friend (and myself) wedding. As you know its a common thing to give souvenir to the guests. Although I don’t know who’s gonna marry 1st between us (and I don’t really think about it), but i hope when that thing really came up, I already finished these souvenir. 
And if you asking me, why am i doing this? Well.. I considered that as the way to show that I love and care about my best friend since I’m not good in showing my feelings verbally. 

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