Final Decision

What a night!!!!!!!
You know…he finally decided that there’s nothing more than friend between us. Well.. his exact line is this:

i have now mentally prepared myself, that we both are not ment for each other, and its from God, for which me and you can not do anything.
And somehow.. i feel relieved inside.  Maybe coz I’m tired explaining to him that it’s not only the matter of love but my obligation to my ALLAH, that it’s my decision and like it or not he got to accept it. And maybe for now… i had enough of this love thing. I’m totally tired!! But despite of that.. we agree that we still friend. Well.. he requested that to me.. to still be my friend and I agree. I mean we started as a friend so why not back as a friend. Maybe that’s what best for us now. We don’t know about what will happened in the future, right???

Anyway… I do wish all the best for him. I really do.

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